Our Portfolio.

Our Current Porfolio

Asset Under Management (AUM):
N10,000,000 ($20,000)

Estimated Value of Bio-Asset:
N52,200,000 ($104.400)

Farm Land:
58 hectares & expanding...

Production Capacity:
348 tonnes per annum

Maize / Cassava / Plantain / Plam Oil

Gross Volume Traded (2020):
NGN11.6million+ ($23,200+)

Investment Strategy:

We adopt a Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) strategy in managing our portfolio. Our portfolio is split three (3) ways on a 60:20:20 ratio thus;

Agricultural Investment:
We utilize 60% of our contributed funds in carrying out crop production and commodity trade activities.

Our annual production goal; is to produce between 500 - 1000 tonnes of agricultural produce per farming cycle (6 - 12 months).

We currently produce Maize and sell maize grain, Cassava tubers and palm oil in commercial quantity.

We started with a 2 hectare Maize Farm in 2019, we are currently at 58 hectares per cycle expanding to 200 hectares in the next 18 - 36 months with your financial support as an investment contributor.

To facilitate increased capacity in food production and trade we faciliatate financing for smallholder farmers from institutions and retail investment contributors.

In addition to institutional financing, we commit 20% of our contribution deposits to the finaning of small holder farmers and traders at single digit rate.

We have so far attracted over N10,000,000 ($20,000) in financing to about 195 small holder farmers at single digit rate.

Fixed Emergency/Reserve Fund:
Because we know that contributors could at some point want to liquidate their Savings and/or Investment with us at anytime before the maturity date, we maintain a 20% liquidity in Fixed Income Assets as emergency reserve funds to meet such obligation when they arise.

For Questions and Enquiries;

Email: support@subacapital.org