Frequently Ask Questions
1. What is SUBA?

SUBA stands for; "StartUp Business Africa".

2. How long has SUBA Capital been operating?

SUBA Capital has been operating since 2014. We strated first, as a digital business community, then got licensed as a Cooperative in July 2017, and incorporated as a Limited Laibility Company in March 2020.

3. How do I become a contributor?

You can become a contributor by simply filling a "Sign Up Form", and making your first contribution deposit.

4. Why do you request for BVN and Valid Identity numbers?

This is because it is Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) regulation for all financial institution (inluding microfinance institutions like us), to collect proper Know Your Customer (KYC) information and valid means of verification of identity of whoever we are dealing with.

5. Is SUBA Capital recognized by the government and how can we know if it’s legitimate?

Yes! We are licensed by the Edo Cooperative Federation under the Ministry of Wealth Creation, Cooperative and Employment with Licence No.: 00113687. Our parent company - SUBA Capital & Business Solutions Ltd is incorporated as limited company with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with RC:1667960. We are also an affiliate member of the Association of Non-Bank Microfinance Institutions (ANMFI) affiliated to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

6. What do I stand to gain as a Contributor?
Returns - interest on your savings and return on investment contributions made up to 20% - 40% per annum on your contributions depending on your chosen contribution plan. Access to Microcredit Loans at just 2% monthly, ability to buy or expand your agro-aligned assets and pay at your own pace (pay small small).

7. How safe is my money and what are the risks involved with my money contributed with SUBA Capital?
All business and investments involves risk! That is why we have a General Risk Dislosure on our terms. However, there is a minimal chance of you ever lossing your money Contributed to us as Thrift Savings or Investments at SUBA Capital because 50% - 60% of our portfolio is in hard asset - Farm Land and Crops. However, you and I know every investment is a risk. I am sure you know that already. So before you make your first contribution, make sure to research alot about high yield savings and agriculture investments as well as how agribusiness value chain works.

8. Can the information about SUBA Capital be verified?
Yes! We have all the necessary information on our website and literature. Feel free to book an appointment to speak with our representatives. Email and call lines are at the bottom of this page.

9. Where is SUBA Capital office?
All our walk-in locations are listed at the bottom of this page. Feel free to email or call to book an appointment to meet with any of our officers or agents.

10. How much is the minimum contribution amount?
The minimum weekly contribution is N2000 only while the minimum monthly contribution is N5000 only. The minimum Agribusiness Investment is N100,000 only.

11. How does one get an Microcredit Loan?
An active contributor can apply for a microcredit loan after 21-90 days of being an active contributor. Approval of such application is subject to the loan terms and the management decision.

12. What if after investing for a month I need a loan, will I get one?

That depends on the loan amount and our findings during the due deligence period. You have to be an active contributor for at least 21-90 days to allow us do due deligence.

13. If I choose to invest only how do i get my investment back when I need it?

Our investment contribution plans run for minimum duration of 24 months depending your chosen plan. However, if you do choose to liquidate your investment contribution before maturity time, you are to simply give us a notice by email. Please note that the prcoess takes 7-30 business days and there shall be a 15% fee charged upon approval of the liquidation.

14. Is the up to 20% interest on savings and up to 40% retun on investment a monthly basis?

Yes! Interest on Savings is calculated and remitted daily and monthly into your contribution wallet. However, you can not request a withdrawal until the maturity ("End Date") of the Savings or Investment Contribution plan.

15. How many months does your plans run?

Our savings contributions plans run for 6 to 24 months while the Agribusiness Investment Plans run for a minimum of 24 months. See more on "Our Plans" page.

16. Why do I need to pay a Management/Withdrawal Fee?

The fee covers the cost of our operations and maintaining your contribution account. The management fee is to keep the organization's operations running. Our membership/management/withdrawal fee is paid only at withdrawal the chosen contribution plan.

17. Do I get a personal account where I can monitor my thrift savings and investment contributions?

Yes! Once signed up, you would have a personal dashboard to monitor your contributed deposit, interest growth, and at least your last 5 transactions.

18. Will I incur any service charges if I decide to pull out before the maturity of my chosen contribution plan, at what rate is the charges?

Yes, you would because you're breaching the initial agreement by liquidating. A Administrive fee of 15% on the total amount been liquidated is charged.

19. What if I begin to earn more money and I decide to increase the amount I save each month?

Yes, you can increase your weekly/monthly contribution and invest multiple times within the year as long as it is within the contribution range of the contribution plan else, you would have to choose the appropriate contribution plan for the said amount.

20. What if something happens and I can't keep up with my monthly saving amount, and then I decide to save lesser amounts. Could I?

Yes, you could upgrade and downgrade your contribution amount depending on the contribution plan you are on. However, you must complete the minimum 6 - 12 months duration to get the desired minimum 10%-20% interest/return on investment because interest/ROI is paid for the total we see at the end of the 6 - 12 month period.

21. At the end of the contribution plan, could I withdraw my original contribution deposits plus interest/ROI and decide not to save or invest again?

Yes of course! By default, all contributed funds plus interest can be withdrawn at the end of the contribution plan. You can decide to continue or not. The money is yours, the choice is yours.

22. Is it a must that you have to continue contributing, or will a certain percentage of your deposit be held back to ensure you continue?

The contribution runs for a minimum 6 to 12 months (for the Savings Plans) and a minimum 24 months for the Investment Plans. This means you must complete the contrubtion plan before you can initiate a withdrawal.

23. How do you get interest/ROI you share with contributors as profit?

Our core business is farming, commodity trading and lending. We get our surplus (profit) from our Agribusiness Projects. We cultivate, harvest and sell the farm produce. The interest on approved microcredit loans and other charges are also places where we get the surplus (profit) shared to contributors as interest on savings and return on investments (ROI).

24. What if it happens that nobody requests for microcredit loans and everyone is just contributing?

We invest in agriculture (farm projects), retail e-commerce, real estate, and other business ventures amongst other things... So, if no one requests micro loans (which is almost impossible), we would still have a surplus (profit) to share as an interest/ROI to our contributors from sales of farm produce, management fees and all the investments mentioned above.

25. Let's say the number of micro loans is very few compared to the number of capital savings and investment contributions what happens?

Micro lending is only 20% of our total business. With our agribusiness and other investments mentioned in the answer to question 24 above we meet up with our obligations.

26. Are there are bonuses for referring people?

Yes! Once signed up as a mobile sales agent with us, you automatically become a team leader and you earn commissions for collecting contributions from those on your team and you also make money carrying out other mobile banking services on the agent platform. Send us an email today join us as an agent.

27. How long does it take to process a withdrawal?

It typically takes between 7 - 30 business days.

28. Is there any penalty when I miss a month or can't continue?

There's exactly no penalty. When you miss a month, you miss the interest/returns for that month and of it happens you can't continue, you can either liquidate or complete your contributions to receive your capital contributed plus the interest payable.

29. What charges apply on a microcredit loan - like service charge and interest on loans?

We charge a 10% administrative fee on the loan amount when approved, 2% monthly as interest on the loan amount and an additional 2% monthly charge for default after 3 days of grace.

30. Can I keep rolling over my interest and capital?

Yes, you can. All you have to do is notify us in writing by email 30 days before the end of the contribution plan each time you want to do so.