by SUBA Capital Jun 6, 2020


How would you like me to show you how you can earn at least N25,000 monthly commission without changing your current job, business? 

You can even work from home as a stay at home dad or mum? 

All you have to do is;

Be 18 years and above

Own and know how to operate a smartphone.

A working bank account, 

Know how to use and manage communication on WhatsApp, Telegram, and Zoom channels.

...and meet SALES TARGET monthly to earn the N25,000 - N50,000 monthly in Commissions.

Would you be interested? 

We have a system in place for you to help us;

Register and Onboard new Contributors

Collect and Remit Promptly Contributions on behalf of the Contributors.

Submit monthly reports.

Function as POS Agent for Contributors and other individuals.

Communicate between SUBA Capital and the contributors in a team/branch.

Sell other SUBA Capital Services and products.

For all of these functions your earn 3-5% commission per transaction and 

You can also earn from POS banking transactions you carry out charging at least a minimum of N100 for every transaction you perform for a customer

Sounds interesting? 


Before you say NO... 

Can I interest you in some statistics? 

The unemployment rate in Nigeria is currently at 33.5% today and still increasing. 

So with this Agent/Collector Program, we intend to create at least 1000 jobs every year. 

About 60million Nigerians are currently unbanked according to Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)... 

That at least N60million in contributions you're passing by.  

So there is a huge market for you to operate and make your commissions from.

Calculate 3-5% of that... That's how much we are willing to pay Agents like you in commission... Assuming you can help us capture all 60 million of these unbanked Nigerians. 

Did you also know that Agriculture contributes 21.2% to Nigeria's Gross Domestic Product (GDP)?

So being an agent with us is not just about the money you're making in commissions, you would be contributing to the growth of Nigeria. 

I believe your answer is now a resounding YES! 

Now that you have said YES!... 

The first things first, we have to give you the most basic training to teach you;

Who we are 

What we do 


What you are to do as an Agent to start earning up to N25,000 - N50,000 monthly in commissions...

You would be working on your own terms, doing flexible working hours, working in and around your neighborhood, or anywhere you are.

To get started,

If you have questions or comments, please send an email to; 


Call/WhatsApp: 08090419775 

See you in the training room!