by SUBA Capital Aug 12, 2020

Happy International Youth Day From SUBA Capital

As we join the rest of the world to celebrate International Youth Day...

Let us be reminded that as young people the future is in our hands.

Yes! It is true...

The future, your future is not in the hands of any political, religious, corporate, or organizational leader, it is in your own hands.. this because no one, absolutely no one would plan your life and owe you that as well.

It's your duty to plan your life, finances, and relationship with money, growth, and ultimately your happiness.

As we engage for global ACTION this year... keyword being ACTION.

Begin to take action in the direction you want to see positive changes in your life.

When all 70million+ youth (in Nigeria) take the right action towards positive change, would see the desired change in the larger society.

Shifting our gaze away from political corruption, fraud, and sharp practices as a means to shortcutting our way to wealth and shifting it to positively production ventures would be a good start in TAKING GLOBAL ACTION.

For us at SUBA Capital, one of the ways we facilitate TAKING ACTION towards the change we desire is through our Agribusiness Fund and the Better Farming with SUBA Capital Project by giving the chance to save ad invest into agriculture as well as provide funding for small farm holders (growers) to boost the food production in Nigeria, reduce poverty and unemployment.

So, in your little corner, engage towards taking action for the positive things you want to see around you.

Happy International Youth Day!

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