by Maureen EUGENE Feb 17, 2021

6 Things You Need To Know About Modern Farming

 6 Things You Need To Know About Modern Farming

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As things and technology are evolving, our everyday life is also taking an intense change. And the agricultural sector is not left out because even farmers are adapting to the current change, and they are also embracing the use of modern tools and technology to farm. This makes work less stressful and most profitable for the farmers and investors


Let me share with you 6 things you need to know about modern farming.


  1. Crop Protection: In the old good days,  farmers were known to be the rich people in town; however, pests and insects became a major threat as they destroyed plants on the farm. Nevertheless, modern-day farming, through research has helped farmers to figure out different ways to protect their plants /crops against farm insects and pests. And this can be largely achieved by using chemicals that are harmful to pests and insects yet friendly to the crop. You can get them in any agro store.
  2.  Use of Online Platforms: Unlike the old days, farmers no longer depend on one farming technique to farm anymore. Nor, do they travel to a far country to learn new ways to farm effectively. With the help of the internet, you can browse modern techniques of farming from the comfort of your home with just your phone and data. Everything has been made easy already.
  3. Comfortable irrigation system: I remember how we used to farm close to the river at my early age to farm vegetables but now the story has changed. With modern-day technology, you can farm vegetables even at the back of your house. All you need to do is to get a better pumping machine that could draw water either from your well or borehole to the land you intend to farm your vegetables. Yeah, it's that simple.
  4. Transportation of Goods: it's now easy to transport goods from the farm now and you can get the goods to the market as fast as you intend to. With modern-day practice, you can predict how long it will take the goods to get to their aspirated destination. If it will take 3 hours, from the road condition and how frequent you've used that road you could at least know how many kilometers per hour the ride will take.
  5. Farming is a Better Way to Earn Money: In the old day's farmers exchanged farm produce for another but now they exchange for money in the open market or on the commodity exchange the way you exchange stock and other financial securities for money and the money could buy them what they need. The good thing about this is that, to an extent, you can predict your income. You could tell if you are going to make massive sales if you treat and provide the necessary needs like fertilizer, pest control, good soil, etc. Almost everything comes from agriculture so it's a better way to make money.
  6. Adaptation of High-Tech: farmers now include high-technology in farming. This includes using drones, laptops, smartphones, and other technical materials to aid better farming results. Drones can fly high to check the corner of the farm and this also can help in scaring farm criminals; those who come to the farm to steal people's products.


Agriculture is not left out in the evolution of technology. And most farmers are taking hold of this opportunity so don't be left out. You can check our blog for other educational content on agricultural matters.